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Q-Based Healthcare and its divisions are the makers of numerous other high quality products. All Stop™, Dead Bed Bugs™, PetsBestRx™, and PuraCleenRx™ are all divisions of Q-Based Healthcare dedicated to providing the finest quality products for people and pets.


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All Stop™ provides a full line of skin care products for a variety of ailments including Arthritis, Eczema, Skin Parasites, Jock Itch, Athlete’s Foot, Head Lice and much more. These safe, non-toxic and effective products have proven their powerful repairing powers time and time again in labs as well as with existing customers.


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Dead Bed Bugs provides consumers a full line of safe, effective products to target and eliminate bed bugs from their environment. The 100% Money Back Guarantee allows customers to experience Dead Bed Bugs products without the concerns regarding the products’ effectiveness. Rid your home of bed bugs today. There is no need to live with these vampiric, disgusting bugs any longer with DeadBedBugs.com


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Pets'BestRx™ allows pet lovers globally to provide their pets with solutions to a variety of ailments in a safe, non-toxic and effective way. Pets'BestRx™ carries products tailored specifically for Ear Mites, Mange, Ringworm, Staph and much more.


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PuraCleenRx™ provides consumers with hospital-grade products at affordable prices. Using these institutional strength cleansers and disinfectants could save each household up to $1000 on cleaning products purchases. Let germ concerns be a thing of the past with our Antimicrobial Solutions.


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